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BUGZ-EYE® "No Focus Magnifiers"

BUGZ-EYE® Magnifiers

BUGZ-EYE® "No Focus Magnifiers" come in an assortment of shapes and sizes for many uses, such as viewing maps, charts, phone books, newspapers and magazines, cross-stitching, needlepoint, photography, blueprints, schematics, or coin, stamp, sports card, and bug collecting . . . just to name a few.

What is a BUGZ-EYE® "No Focus Magnifier"? It is a magnifier that you can just set down on the desired material and it is pre-focused to make the material four times larger than the original size. No lifting or focusing!

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Our goal is to make some of the "little things" in life easier to enjoy for our low vision or visually impaired customers. Do you know someone who suffers from macular degeneration, diabetes-related vision impairment, or some other form of restricted vision that no longer allows them to do things they once enjoyed? The Penpal® and Penmate® magnifiers are designed especially for these individuals. For more information on these products, see our BUGZ-EYE® Mates .

One should always keep in mind that one BUGZ-EYE® product may work well for one person and not for another.  If you have any questions about these products, please give us a call.

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BUGZ-EYE® for Kids  Click Here

Kids love to look at the most comical things with magnifiers. Do you remember the first time you had a magnifier in your hands? Ants, bugs, rocks, sports cards, stamps, coins . . . the viewing subjects are endless. Keep them busy for hours with BUGZ-EYE® "No Focus Magnifiers" (with no age limits)! Our entire line of magnifiers are ergonomically designed and user friendly!



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